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On Saturday 5th November we had the pleasure of meeting our hero, Tim Peake, at the Schools Space Conference in York. This marked the culmination of all our work on our during the year before the Principia Mission. Six lucky Rode Heath pupils and ex-pupils, who had worked on the project, were chosen to present at the conference. It was a very special day for all of us.

Read the children’s views of the day below:



The day we met British Astronaut Tim Peake

We all had an early start at Sandbach railway station and travelled on the 06:56 train to Manchester Piccadilly before boarding a train York. Pulling into the York station we called a taxi cab and it soon arrived, therefore we were at the start of the conference on time. To kick off, we had a briefing in the auditorium on general safety including fire drills. Following that, we were told when we met Tim Peake we were not allowed to take selfies or, ask for autographs. Right after this Tim Peake was welcomed onto the stage with a roar of a cheer. He then gave a magnificent and interesting talk about his life on the ISS (international Space Centre). One of the things he talked about was how wondrous it was stepping out of the airlock for the first time he said, “It was when I was looking over earth because we had a spare ten minutes. “Another thing he said was “We recycle everything liquid including… urine.”

After Tim’s speech we went into the lecture theatre to watch a football team’s presentation. After that we had to do our presentation which was all about the amazing experiences that we had done at Rode Heath Primary. Lots of people in our lecture theatre liked our presentation and gave us really good feedback. Then we went back to the auditorium to watch destination space which was AMAZING. They did loads of experiments which were mind blowing. One of them was an example of the flames of the rocket. Another one was an experiment on the life saving bottle where urine was put in it and clean drinking water came out of it. There were loads of filters in the bottle.

After looking around at the other peoples stalls, we went back to the lecture theatre  and we found out that Mrs Wiskow (Julie Wiskow) had surprisingly had a hug from Mr Tim Peake HIMSELF and Mrs Wiskow was bursting with joy.  We sat down and watched other peoples presentations and we all really enjoyed Northampton High Schools rap also, they did about the blue or red seeds which went up to space. There was lots more and we really enjoyed them all. All of us tried the virtual reality and it was really REALLY weird it felt like you were there and it and the headset cost 20 million dollars. All of us went to see other schools posters and they were really cool. My favourite one though was when we got to meet the creator of the raspberry pie (its not an actual raspberry pie you eat because if you do it would taste a little strange.) Anyway, we might be getting some for school. Fortunately, it was time to go back to our room. The man who was the leader of the grey group asked us to think of a question to ask Tim when we he came in. A few minutes later the man himself Tim Peake  walked into the room, all of us roared and clapped.  Then he started meeting group number 1. When it was our turn (group number  10) he shook our hand with excitement and Mrs Wiskow asked “have you still got your talk to Tim T-Shirt?” he replied with a cheerful YES!!!! And 1 of us asked him “What was your favourite bit of the spacewalk?” Tim replied with “My favourite part was taking photos of earth and the view was amazing.” We had a group photo and we packed our bags ready to go home and we were all really tired!

Daniel Smallwood, Rebecca Tonks, Finn Gibson