Happy New Engineering Year 2018

When can you stop saying “Happy New Year” to people you meet? I guess it has to be the end of January. This does however promise to be an exciting new year for engineering – full of opportunities. And, with signs that Ofsted are now advocating “a full and varied primary curriculum”, it’s a perfect time for schools to enrich their lessons by encouraging children to think like engineers.

So what has been happening in January at Rode Heath Primary. Our relationship with Engineering Habits of Mind continues to thrive, with teachers now weaving engineering into their every day lessons. Our spring curriculum brochures are full of engineering ideas.

Years 1 & 2 have already entered a competition to design a piece of technology of the future. Here are a few of the Year 1 entries.

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Reception have been busy designing and making wheeled vehicles.

Meanwhile, Mr Randall and I have embarked on another project with Manchester University – the Great Manchester Engineering Challenge (otherwise known as GMEC18).

This involves 15 Greater Manchester schools (and ourselves) competing against each other to build an automated marble run. Early in January, we took six Year 4 pupils to an event at Manchester University to take part in a number of workshops intended to give ideas for the competition. Watch the film here:

For two Monday afternoons, we have been gathering in Mr Randall’s classroom to try out different materials and practise our Crumble skills (and I don’t mean domestic science).

At the moment, in front of our Machine Room, a prototype board is standing, to which different contraptions seem to be added everyday. I don’t know how we are going to transport this beast to the University!

UKS2 are awaiting their visit from Siemens in February. I wonder which team will win the Lego Lean Manufacturing cup this year?

One thought on “Happy New Engineering Year 2018

  1. Rachel Swinnerton January 31, 2018 / 8:36 pm

    The year is so promising and exciting for the children. What fantastic opportunities and ambitious challenges ahead for them. So proud to have a child being able to be apart of such inspirational and rewarding time of her academic journey.


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